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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Taylor Made Hand Pump w/Hose Adapter [1005]

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Hand Pump w/Hose Adapter


Hand Air Pump with Hose Adapter MFG:1005 by Taylor Made®.

Compact hand pump for filling fenders, rafts, etc. Give your boat maximum protection against rafting boats, docks or other objects that can damage it! Choose from top-of-the-line Taylor Made fenders and buoys that combine unbeatable strength and long-lasting service life. Designed for use in the toughest applications, they are proven to deliver exceptional resistance to wear and tear, harsh chemicals, as well as damaging UV rays.


  • Made in The USA
  • Built for maximum strength and endurance
  • Expertly crafted from the highest grade materials
  • Designed with great care and functionality in mind

If you’re looking for a reliable solution to keep your boat from bumping against docks or other vessels, you can’t go wrong with superior-grade boat fenders and buoys showcased on our website. They are designed to act as a cushion, effectively absorbing shock and protecting your boat from potential damage when it’s docked or anchored.

The fenders and buoys we offer are manufactured from highly durable materials to provide ultimate resistance against stress cracks, high pressure, chemicals, and harmful UV rays. They meet the demands of the marine industry and are proven to serve you for years to come without fading. The fenders and buoys come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll easily find options that meet your specific requirements.

Taylor Made's® entrepreneurial spirit, high standards of excellence, and dedication to customer service has firmly established it as the world's largest manufacturer of marine glazing systems and the leader in framed glass windshield technology for powerboats. In addition to windshields, Taylor Made offers a large selection of custom-quality marine products, including manually and power actuated doors, roof systems, hatches and canvas enclosures.