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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Quick RRC R902 Radio Remote Control Receiver - 2 Relays [FRRRCR902000A00]

by Quick
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Quick Radio Remote Control Receiver 913Mhz Wireless Receivers - 2 Relays


The Quick Wireless Receiver is designed specifically to work with the Quick handheld and pocket radio remote controls. Operating on a 913 MHz frequency this unit has a full power range from 10.5 to 31 Vdc. It has communication with the transmitter, you will receive an indication of the system operating status, errors, and problems by means of LED and seven-segment display.

An additional features of this unit are that it is protected against polarity inversion and low battery, up to 50 transmitters can be stored, it has a translation mode to activate more receivers installed in different spots by means of one transmitters, it has a programmable digital filter, and the possibility of being connected to an external antenna.


  • Number of relays - 2
  • Full power range (from 10.5 to 31Vdc).
  • Relay current carring capacity - 15 A
  • Power absorption in stand-by mode - 25 mA
  • Microcontroller-operated functions.
  • FSK modulation and carrier frequency 913Mhz
  • Operating temperatures from -15°C to +70°C
  • Indication of the system operating status, errors and problems by means of LED and seven-segment display
  • Protection against polarity inversion
  • Protection against low battery
  • 50 transmitters can be stored
  • Translation mode to activate more receivers, installed in different spots, by means of one transmitter
  • Programmable digital filter
R02 R04 R06 R08 R10 R12
Carrier frequency 913.7 Mhz
Modulation FSK
Number of transmitters which can be stored 50
Number of relays 2 4 6 8 10 12
Relay current carrying capacity 15 A
Power supply voltage 10,5 ÷ 31 Vdc
Power absorption in standby mode 25 mA
Protection Rating IP55
Operating temperature -15° C +70° C
Weight 66lb / 81lb