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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Dometic Tank Discharge Controller - 24V - Black [9108554555]

by Dometic
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Tank Discharge Controller - 24V - Black 

Diverts sewage directly overboard in unrestricted waters when holding tank reaches mid-level and keyed control switch is set to "automatic" position.  Prevents accidental overboard discharge in restricted waters when the control switch is turned to an "off" position.  Simplifies plumbing by eliminating wye valves, seacocks, and venting loops for multiple toilet installations. 

Eliminates stagnating sewage trapped in interconnecting hoses by wye valve operation.  Includes control panel with keyed selector switch (must be used with DTM level monitor system.) 


  • Manually activates the pump to discharge holding tank contents directly overboard in unrestricted waters
  • Greenlight indicates when discharge pump is running; reminds operator to shut off the pump to prevent burn-out 
  • The keyed switch provides U.S. Coast Guard-approved security when the key is removed; no padlocks or other mechanical fasteners are required 
  • When integrated with DTM04 tank monitor system, discharge pump automatically shuts off when the tank is empty

Legacy #  313814303

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  • Type: Switches

Owner's Manual (pdf)