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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Dometic T Series Waste Discharge Pump - 12V [9108554778]

by Dometic
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T Series Waste Discharge Pump - 12V 


For premium tank discharge performance, SeaLand T series pumps provides unsurpassed quality and reliability. Unlike impeller-type macerator pumps, the bellow-style T pump can run dry without threat of damage. Drawing only 6 amps at 12V DC.

In waters where overboard discharge of a waste holding tank is permitted, the T pump integrates with Dometic Tank Discharge (DTD) control systems* for completely automated holding tank discharge.

*Purchased separately

  • Dimensions product depth, ["] 6 12/16
  • Dimensions product height, ["] 7 12/16
  • Dimensions product width, ["] 13 12/16


  • Produces 300 gph (1136 lph) flow rate
  • Runs dry without harm (prevents motor burn-up)
  • Self-priming to 10 feet (3.3 m) of water
  • Draws only 6 amps at 12V DC


Sailing is an activity that we love, and it helps relieve stress and distract you from everyday problems. Then this product will give you better enjoyment with your other marine products. Whether you are improving your casts, exploring the incredible marine life, you must have your boat prepared with the best products to be confident when leaving.