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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Dock Edge UltraGard PVC Dock Bumper - 35" - Black [1008-B-F]

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UltraGard PVC Dock Bumper - 35" - Black


UltraGard™ 35" L White PVC Dock Bumper MFG:1008-B-F by Dock Edge®. 

This bumper is manufactured from the same quality PVC as our Dolphin boat fenders and offers the ultimate in cushioning of impacts from your boat. Molded in ribs on the interior of the UltraGard ensure it is very soft, but durable and will not collapse. The back has a slight radius allowing for easy mounting on pilings as well.
35" x 2-1/4" x 5"

Length: 35"
Width: 5"
Thickness: 2-1/4"
Color: Black
Material: PVC


  • Made from high-grade materials to withstand the test of time
  • Designed to meet industry standards and requirements
  • Built to suit your individual needs and budget
  • Manufactured using innovative technologies to ensure superior quality

Be it a boat or your personal watercraft, quality dock parts and accessories are must-have equipment you need to have it properly secured and maintained. Regardless of the type of your ship and the product you need, you’re sure to find it on our virtual shelves. Dock cleats, mooring bollards, universal dock mounts, and dock bumpers are just to name a few of them. All products are designed and manufactured to fit strict industry standards and quality requirements. They are made from premium materials using innovative manufacturing processes to ensure consistent performance throughout the entire service life.

Founded in 1991, Dock Edge® began primarily as a manufacturer of dock bumper. Through acquisitions and innovative development, the company has expanded its' product range to include unique marine aftermarket products that give the boating consumer more selection and value.

Dock Edge's distinctive product styles whether, traditional or contemporary, are inspired by continuous commitment to offer products that revolutionize the boating industry and make mooring or docking effortless and simple. Dock Edge's goal is to manufacture consumer adaptable products that any boater or cottager can use. Dock Edge believes that innovation and development are important in marine industry, and takes great pride in pursuing this excellence.