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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Attwood Braided Nylon Rope - 3/16" x 100' - White [117553-7]

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Braided Nylon Rope - 3/16" x 100' - White


3/16" D x 100' L White Nylon Solid Braid Multi-Purpose Line MFG:117553-7 by Attwood®. 

The strongest rope manufactured, nylon can absorb sudden shock loads that would break ropes of other fibers.This ability allows this product to be widely used in the marine industry for both anchor lines and dock lines. Made from tenacity, multifilament nylon fiber which is light and heat stabilized, nylon rope is resistant to rot, oils, gasoline, grease, marine growth and most chemicals.r

rSolid braided nylon offers a rope that has is strong round cord that will not flatten out which stay's flexible throughout it's life and have a soft hand.

Color: White
Line Diameter: 3/16"
Line Length: 100'
Material: Nylon


  • Designed to meet your marine needs
  • Made from premium materials for extended lifespan
  • Built in compliance with strict industry standards
  • Superior quality at an affordable price

A quality line or chain is must-have equipment in the arsenal of every boat owner. Whether you’re going to use it for a specific application or for general purposes, it is a great investment that will come in handy time and again. Depending on the type of the marine line or chain you use, it may help you secure your boat to a dock, or to another boat when rafting, etc. It can also be useful when you need to secure your luggage in inclement weather to prevent it from damage. All these and many more are just few of the marine lines and chains applications, as they may serve a lot of other purposes.

For more than 100 years Attwood® has been proud to serve the parts and accessory needs of the marine industry. Attwood has partnered with you to design, manufacture, test, and distribute a complete line of products that have been a part of your tradition. Being around for more than 100 years is important because it means something to the customers.

It means that Attwood warranties are long term evidence of their faith in products and their durability, not just a marketing tool. Attwood team of engineers and designers are constantly looking for ways to identify needs and opportunities for improvement by thinking outside the box.