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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Sailing - Shackles/Rings/Pins

Here at Royale-Seas, we have the best products and varieties, sailing shackles available in various sizes, shapes, and working loads to meet different needs on guys, sheets, control lines, and several other onboard applications. So there is no problem finding the right product that fits your requirements. Designed to be easy to open and stay safely closed when not purposely opened, these units are perfect for frequent use. Compared to bar shackles, bow ones feature a larger body, enabling them to have more clearance allowing for more space for thimbles and splicing. D shackles will come in useful if you are looking for multipurpose units. They are perfect for a significant number of applications.

For low-load applications where the strength of a forged shackle isn’t needed, the stamped unit is an excellent economical option.
Snap shackles allow you to tie a small line to their pin, which lets you open them remotely. It’s instrumental in retaining spinnaker halyards among a significant number of other solutions.

J Lock shackles can be utilized on genoa sheets and in some outhaul and halyard applications. Designed to allow for fast sheet and sail changes, these units can fit through most genoa blocks. But spool shackles are the most popular units for using with genoa sheets as they always remain easy to fasten and unfasten. Clevis pin shackles are the other type of sailing shackles you may choose. These units are ideal for applications where the shackle is attached to a metal fitting instead of a line.