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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Raritan 20-Gallon Hot Water Heater w/o Heat Exchanger - 120v [172001]

by Raritan
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1700 Series Water Heater-20-Gallon



20 gal 120V Water Heater without Heat Exchanger MFG:172001 by Raritan®.

The "1700 Series" water heater provides hot water for galley and shower. Dense foam insulation provides better and longer heat retention than traditional fiberglass. The tank itself is protected by a 75 PSI T& P (temperature and pressure) relief valve. The cylindrical design of the tank enables it to withstand more pressure than a cube shaped tank.

Heat exchanger models can be connected to the engine cooling system. This provides the added convenience of hot water when underway or generator power is not available. The innovative heat exchanger is over seven feet in length and is evenly coiled throughout the interior of the tank, providing hot water rapidly and efficiently.

Raritan's water heaters use an ignition protected thermostat. Although it is factory set to 120°F, it is adjustable from 110° to 160°F and has a safety shut down limit of 190°F. All models and sizes have the plumbing connections on the same side to simplify installation. Hot and cold water connections are 3/4" male NPT (National Pipe Thread). Heat exchanger connections are 3/4" female NPT.

Volume: 6 gal
Voltage: 120V
Electrical Recovery Rate: 13 gal per hour.
Max. Operating Pressure: 75 psi
Thermostat: Adjustable; Factory Set to 120°F
Anode: Magnesium
Fittings: 3/4" NPT
A: 18-3/4"
B: 16-1/4"
C: 3-3/8"
D: 11"
E: 10-1/4"
F: 12-3/8"
G: 20-1/2"
Weight: 55 lbs

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. 


    • Carefully crafted to suit your specific boating needs
    • Engineered to high standards
    • High-grade design delivers extended lifespan
    • Made with premium materials
    • Guarantees proper performance

    For more than fifty years, Raritan® has been meeting the customers needs for outstanding service and product reliability establishing ourselves as “the most dependable name on the water.” The customers continue to be their focus, and the primary source of the ideas for new products and product enhancements. The median length of service for Raritan employees is about twenty years, an unusual number in the fast changing world we live and work in. It is a measure of the dedication of the men and women who design, manufacture, distribute and support Raritan`s marine products.

    Owner's Manual (pdf)
    Brochure (pdf)