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Free shipping When you spend $149+

Albin Pump Marine Premium Water Heater 16G - 120V [08-01-027]

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Premium Water Heater 17G - 120V


Premium 17 gal 120V 800W Round Water Heater by Albin Pump Marine®.

This amazing product is toxic free ceramic inside coating to ensure highest water quality over time. Heats up 60L (17 gal) in 4h, good for 90L of mixed warm water or a 9 minute shower. Replaces common brands as Isotemp. Albin Pump Marine defrosters include heavy duty heating unit and high quality electrical components shielded by a stainless steel cover for long service life. As a kit, the defroster includes a high quality adjustable fan, a four step blower of high capacity, wiring harness and control panel. 3 years limited warranty for heating unit and 1 year for the fan motor.

Replaces common brands as Isotemp.

Weight: 16.3 kg/38lb
Length: 823 mm/32.49"
Height: 390 mm/15.35"
Width: 390 mm/15.35"
Type: Toxic Free Ceramic Double Coating
Certification: CE marked (LVD) directive 2006/95/EC, EN 60335-1 (2008), EN 60335-2-21 (02-2004), A1 (07-2005), EC (01-2008). (EMC) directive: 2004/108/EC, EN 55014-1 (1999), A1 (2000), A2 (2003), EN 55014-2 (1998), A1 (2002)


Albin Pump Marine offers different warranty terms. Bilge Pumps, General Purpose Pumps, Replacement Impellers, and Marine Toilets come with a 2-year limited warranty. Water Heaters have a 3-year limited warranty. Heaters and Defrosters come with a 3-year limited warranty for a heating unit and a 1-year for the fan motor. Ventilation Blowers have a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Designed with innovative manufacturing techniques
  • Made to deliver trouble-free operation for years ahead
  • Made to bring exceptional durability and reliability

Boating is a great way to relieve stress and leave all your troubles on land. Enjoy your time out on the water even more with this top-notch marine product. Whether you're practicing your casts, exploring the amazing marine life with a snorkel, or just cruising on the open water for fun, you need to equip your vessel with the finest products to make sure nothing ruins your amazing recreational time. 

Albin Pump Marine® has a long history with a strong heritage in the marine business. The name Albin was officially registered as a pump and engine manufacturer in 1911. In 1928 the first motor driven pump was introduced and marine engines were produced by Albin between 1925 and 1976. Since 2005 it has produced innovative pumps for today’s industries. Albin Pump Marine offers an extensive range of pumps and pump solutions developed and made utilizing modern manufacturing technology. With more than 100 years of marine pump experience in the team, Albin Pump Marine dares to say it knows this business well.